Walking is Working

Like most hard-working product management types, it can be difficult for me to balance my workload with my personal needs, especially during business hours. I've lost count of the number of days I've been so wrapped up in work that I got virtually no physical exercise. That changed when it occurred to me that I could take my 3-year-old daughter to daycare in a jogging stroller instead of by car. It's a 60-minute roundtrip on foot, which, at a brisk pace, isn't a bad workout. Some days I also pick her up at the end of the day too.

However, I found work pulling my focus as I walked. I was sometimes a bit anxious that I was forgoing too much "work time" on my little stroll. That's when I discovered Podcasts on product topics (I'll add a list of some of my favs at the end of the post). OK, I realize I'm late to that game, but I never realized that a.) there's so much good Podcast content on product and b.) hearing people speak conveys different information than reading what they write.

If you are not regularly listening to Podcasts, you are denying yourself a veritable wealth of information and insight and an incredible professional development opportunity.

It was when I had an epiphany on a long-forgotten subject that I realized that while I was walking, I was working! I tell people I'm coaching all the time that if they're not reserving time for their own development (I refer to it as "sharpening the axe"), they're going to regret it eventually. Spending some time getting exercise daily can be very productive work time when you realize that expanding your horizons by exploring others' thoughts on your profession is a high value endeavor. Who knows, maybe someday there'll be a career.pm Podcast.

Now, get back to walk! :)

Greg's Short List of Podcasts