Making Your PM Resume Shine

Nailing your resume is critical to a successful job search. Since we see so many "ho hum" resumes/CVs, we thought we'd share a checklist.

We've helped a lot of product managers prepare for job interviews. Our key takeaway? Most product managers aren't bringing their "A Game" in almost any aspect of their job search. We have seen waaaay too many:

  • Poorly written and formatted resumes/CVs
  • Hesitant, poorly organized answers to basic interviewing questions
  • Low-percentage approaches to finding jobs

Our response was to create a holistic approach we call "Intelligent Job Search". We've created a Learning Path on the topic for our paying members and adapted our coaching approach to include resume reviews, mock interviews, and other exercises to speed the path to their next position. We're very excited about our success in helping people interview more confidently and get offers.

Anyway, being staunchly in the "candle-lighting" camp (no one listens to us when we curse the darkness anyway), we are offering our Product Management Resume Checklist to PMs around the world at no cost. It's simple, but as we said, really necessary. Enjoy!