Customers value Results, not Tools

What customers value the most are Results. Not our Products and definitely not our Software. That's why Product and Process thinking alone is not enough.

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As toolmakers, we tend to often be thinking (and talking) about the tools we make and the process of making them. We are Product Hunters, Thinkers, People, etc.

It is critical for us to have those conversations and try to define and improve what is a very empirical craft; but it's also imperative that we don't forget what drives all of it: providing results to our customers.

It's very easy to get drawn into the internal dynamics of the Product and forget about the Bigger Picture. This tweet's popularity is proof to me that this is a common feeling:

This focus on results has been described by many different names:

What customers value the most are Results — not our Products and definitely not our Software. That's where the danger of thinking only about tools and process lies.

There's a potential mismatch between what we make and what our customers value. If we shift our thinking to focus first on Results instead of Products and Software, we should be in safer territory.

Results > Products > Software