Boost Your Productivity with These Apps

These productivity tools can help product managers manage their time better.

As a discriminating, fairly digital tribe, we PMs tend to use more than our fair share of technology. Although we often to exchange news and views on sticky topics like feature prioritization and stakeholder engagement, we could probably all learn some simple productivity hacks from the rest of the community.

Daniel and I (co-founders of, thought we'd share some of the (non-product management-specific) tools we use daily that make us much more productive (and safe!). We have no commercial relationship with any of these products beyond being very happy customers!

Windows Enhanced Clipboard

If you're a Windows user and don't use the enhanced clipboard, you're robbing yourself of lots of time. You may have never thought about it, but we spend a lot of time getting information from one application to another via the clipboard. That's why this simple, free (included in Windows 10) tool represents the single biggest boost to my productivity I've found in years. The Enhanced Clipboard keeps a memory of the things you've copied so you can, for example, copy multiple values in the source before copying them into the target, e.g., fields in a form. You'll find everything you need to know here.


The number of passwords we are forced to maintain is unconsciounable (and, in my opinion, a major tech fail). I used to keep an encrypted list of credentials locally that easily reached 150. If you haven't taken the plunge to using a password manager, I highly recommend it. 1Password is easy to use, saves time looking up password (it can autofill info based on the site you're visiting) and gives you piece of mind that you're being responsible with your credentials. You can also store bank information, credit cards and virtually any other valuable data (including attachments). Check it out here.


Notion is a wiki-like platform that is the heart and soul of the back office. It has a wonky UI and has some minor glitches, but once you get used to it, it can help small teams be highly productive and efficient.


Braintoss allows you to record a quick message (or write one) and send it to your inbox with the press of a button. It removes just enough friction to help you capture many thoughts that might otherwise end up in your mental garbage can. Great ideas are ephemeral! Capture and follow up on them.


Beeftext is an open-source "text expander" which allows you to create short "Combos" of characters that it expands into longer strings (like commonly used email text, URLs, etc.). For example, if I type "cpFAQTrain", it expands into the (really long) URL of a FAQ on our site which I commonly send to people. I also use it to create shortcuts to long file paths. It's even faster than favorites stored in Windows Explorer.


Copyfish is a optical character recognition browser add-on. Need to capture that killer quote from a meme? It takes 5 seconds with this handy tool.