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Pricing Sprint

Your team has built an amazing new tech product... But one pressing question remains:

"How are we going to price this thing?"

Determining the optimal price for your product that will support early adoption and scale to rapid growth is a complex task, especially for enterprise/B2B products. There are so many questions to answer!

What is the best pricing metric? Is the price too low? Is the price too high? Should our prices be public? How can we ensure that our pricing maximizes the value of each deal? What planning must be done to implement our pricing model?

If pricing your product leaves you feeling a bit overwhelmed, you're not alone! Pricing is inherently difficult and often misunderstood. There's more to think about than "just a number". The clock is ticking. What's your next move?

Imagine approaching pricing confidently, introducing products to the market secure in the knowledge that you've taken an evidence-based approach to defining the optimal pricing model. Key stakeholders like marketing, sales, and executive leadership agree that you're not "leaving money on the table" or are pricing yourself out of the market. Your sales representatives can easily explain the pricing structure and price points to customers and prospects.

This time pricing is rock solid and won't need to be redone or endlessly adjusted.

The Pricing Sprint

Our 5-day Pricing Sprint will bring the right people, information, and expertise together to quickly define the best pricing model for your new or existing product. Product management, leadership, sales, and marketing will contribute their perspectives resulting in a pricing model the entire team will stand behind. You'll define a pricing model that reflects the value you're delivering to your customers and positions you to drive growth.

Pricing Sprint Overview

A Pricing Sprint is a 5-day event that intelligently and efficiently assembles the team of key players to define a pricing model for a new or existing product, especially "enterprise" B2B products.

Day 1: Motivation and Offering

Day 1: Motivation and Offering On day one we will align the team around the organizational and product strategy, setting goals for the sprint and capturing important business context for the following days. We also explore market context, identifying key market segments and competitive forces.

Day 2: Stakeholder Value

Day 2: Stakeholder Value Day two is focused on clearly capturing the product's value proposition, identifying the economic business case, and articulating the factors that drive buying decisions.

Day 3: Pricing Model and Strategy Proposal

Day 3: Pricing Model and Strategy Proposal On day three, the team will draft a pricing model which includes the pricing metric, price point, and, as necessary, the discount schedule. The team will also generate the key elements of a pricing strategy that explains "the why" behind the chosen pricing model. Key gaps in data and understanding will also be clearly identified.

Day 4: Pricing Model Validation

Day 4: Pricing Model Validation Most of day 4 is spent getting validation from important stakeholders on the pricing model and its impact on sales. A draft presentation of the pricing model is shared and refined to a level of detail that allows stakeholders to express the things they support and the things they don't.

Day 5: Pricing Presentation and Follow-up Plan

Day 5: Pricing Presentation and Follow-up Plan On Day 5, the pricing model is presented to key decision-makers to get feedback and, ideally, dirve consensus and commitment to the draft pricing model. The team spends the afternoon exploring work left to be done to complete the pricing model and roll it out.

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About Us

Our team has the knowledge and experience to help your organization define pricing with confidence with built-in alignment among the parts of the organization who must be on board to make the pricing model a success.

Emanuel "Manu" Martonca, Pricing Practice Lead

Emanuel Martonca

Manu has been working in pricing for almost 15 years, in various capacities: product manager, consultant, sales and marketing manager, partner in a services business.

He has worked with companies on a global scale, which gives him a valuable perspective. This is now being used to help B2B technology solution providers optimize their pricing systems and improve their business models.

Companies he has worked with range from SaaS startups to large multinationals: Cyscale, Planable, Crafting Software, Thagora, Dexia Bank Belgium.

He has developed a proprietary methodology that can be used to guide the price-setting process and ensures that the teams he is working with can get results, fast.

Greg Prickril, Co-founder,

Greg Prickril

Greg has 20+ years experience delivering products at IBM, Microsoft, and SAP, engaging with pricing disciplines on new and existing products. He is an expert in product strategy and portfolio management.

As an Enterprise B2B product management and leadership consultant, he has helped organizations identify clear value propositions and drive alignment getting products successfully to market.

Daniel Zacarias, Co-founder,

Daniel Zacarias

Daniel is a global expert on product management with 13+ years experience in product development. He's also a co-founder at

He's implemented product management and development best practices across a wide range of geographies and companies, from startup to enterprise.