PM Maturity Assessment

Many product leaders we speak to would like their product management function to make a more strategic contribution to the business. However, the product management function and the organization are complex and in-motion. Many leaders have an idea of the metrics they would like to move such as revenue and time to market, the big question is: Where do we start?

To help identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement, has developed an assessment framework that can generate a maturity score for the PM function in a company or business unit.

PM Maturity Assessment

The Organizational Maturity Score is a weighted average of scores for three dimensions:

  • Process Maturity: Does the PM organization understand the key processes that make them successful and are they continuously improving them?
  • Professional Competency: Are the right professionals "on the bus" and are they developing the skills they need to be important?
  • Organizational Setup Effectiveness: Is the organization architected in a way that promotes a strategy contribution by product management?

Conducting the Assessment

Gathering the information that informs the scores for the three dimensions involves a multitude of activities:

  • Interviews are conducted with all product-related disciplines, including PM, engineering, marketing, sales and others.
  • Product management complete a self-assessment regarding important competencies. The same assessment is completed by their management to assess alignment and identify key areas for improvement.
  • Key product disciplines like engineering and marketing complete questionnaires providing insight into their perception of the effectiveness of product management.
  • Process are assessed in a structured manner to identify their maturity and identify opportunities for optimization
  • Key artifacts like roadmaps are analyzed for strengths and weaknesses

Scope, Duration and Pricing

An assessment can be right-sized for almost any organization and vary in duration from a few days to a couple of weeks. Assessment pricing is based on factors such as scope and depth of analysis.

If you would like to explore if a Product Management Maturity Assessment is right for your organization please contact us.