Get access to exclusive discounts to 3rd party PM products & services

We want to provide you with everything you need to succeed in your career, but we can’t do it all ourselves. That’s why we’ve selected great PM tools and service providers to give our members exclusive discounts.

  • Product Alliance

    Job interview preparation courses and materials to help you land your dream job at top-tier companies.
    Our subscribers get 20% off
  • GoPractice!

    Learn growth and data-driven product management in this unique online course based on a product simulator. It’s helped over 4000 students learn how to use data to build and grow products.
    Our subscribers get 40% off the course
  • Productized

    Productized is one of Europe’s largest product conferences and runs every year in beautiful Lisbon. Join 500 other attendees, and take part in their excellent event.
    Our subscribers get 20% off conference and workshop tickets
  • Ducalis is a fast and simple tool for collaborative prioritization.
    Our subscribers get 99% off their first 3 months using Ducalis
  • Kristy Olinger's Consensus Creator course

    Turn ideas and information into compelling stories that get people on the same page. Being able to influence without authority is a critical skill for PMs.
    Our subscribers get 20% off the course
  • BrainKraft Product Launch Boot Camp

    The BrainKraft Product Launch Boot Camp is an intensive course that shows you how to plan and execute a successful product launch using the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework. And not just for your next launch; for every launch.
    Our subscribers get 60% off the boot camp
    (only for a limited time & number of seats)
  • Data-driven product development Boot Camp

    The data-driven product bootcamp by Noam Auerbach will help product managers and other product practitioners level up their decision-making.
    Our subscribers get 30% off the boot camp
  • Many more to come...

    We’re actively working in securing more exclusive 3rd party discounts for our members. Stay tuned!