The Lean Canvas

Capturing Your Digital Product Business Model with the Lean Canvas

This course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a Lean Canvas, a variant of the Business Model Canvas. The course is designed to be brief, giving you an overview of the canvas and deep dives on each building block with a goal of helping you create a compelling, one-page representation of your product’s business model. You can then use the Lean Canvas to:

  • Drive alignment on the product development team
  • Identify gaps in product ideas
  • Build a compelling business case to get funding for your product ideas.

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  • Course Introduction
    1 minute
  • Introduction to Business Models
    4 minutes
  • Lean Canvas Overview
    6 minutes
  • Lean Canvas PowerPoint Template
  • Summary of Course Updates

Building Block Deep Dives

  • Problem and Solution
    6 minutes
  • Customer Segments
    8 minutes
  • Unique Value Proposition
    5 minutes
  • Unfair Advantage
    4 minutes
  • Channels
    6 minutes
  • Key Metrics
    4 minutes
  • Cost Structure
    3 minutes
  • Revenue Streams
    4 minutes

Example Lean Canvases

  • Complex Enterprise Solution Example (Urban Surveillance)
    8 minutes
  • Consumer App Example (Photo Enhancement)
    5 minutes