Productized Masterclasses May 27 & 28

Productized Masterclasses May 27 & 28

2 days of live virtual training with 4 hands-on masterclasses of your choice and 2 inspiring keynotes. Learn and network with the world's experts on Enterprise Product and Consumer Product.

Productized Masterclasses

What do you get?

🎟 2 days of hands-on masterclasses and inspiring keynotes

💪🏼 You can choose up to 4 masterclasses to attend

📝 Get practical tips from pros like Teresa Torres

🍻 Network with fellow participants and Trainers

🏅Get certified product training for Enterprise and Consumer Products

📕 Free book between Dan Olsen’s and Teresa Torres’ new book

🎥 Free access to the recordings

Trainers & Topics

90 min dynamic, with live Q&A, Masterclasses focused on two different tracks: Consumer Product and Enterprise Product.

  • Daniel Zacarias on “Building a Common Yearning for the Vast and Endless Sea”
  • Teresa Torres on "How to Identify and test your Solution Assumptions"
  • Dan Olsen on “Build the Right Thing for the Right People”
  • Gibson Biddle on “Hacking Your Product Leader career”
  • Ken Sandy on “Leading Through Influence”
  • Radhika Dutt on “Radical Product Thinking Your Way to a Strategic Role as a Product Leader”
  • Elie Casamitjana on “Key Metrics For High Impact Products with OKR”
  • Stefan Haas & Catherine Louis on “User Stories And Experience Mapping For Agile”


This is event is delivered live remotely on Zoom.


Build connections with your Peers and Trainers. This event is specifically designed to provide you space and time to develop your network in an easy and fun way.

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