Intelligent PM Job Search

Intelligent PM Job Search

The smartest, most effective way to find a product management job.

Performing a job search is critically important to many people yet most job-searchers choose approaches that have a very low success rate. A strategic approach to finding a great job involves more than updating your resume and doing some mock interviews.

This course describes an intelligent end-to-end approach for finding a product management job. It goes well beyond updating your resume and doing a couple of mock interviews. The lessons include exercises that will help you execute a smart and efficient job search. It includes:

  • Approaches to finding desirable employers
  • Optimizing your resume
  • Managing your online presence
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Interviewing Effectively

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  • Course Introduction
  • Summary of Course Updates
  • Preparing for Your Job Search
  • Exercise 1: Complete a Perfect Employer Profile
  • Exercise 2: List Your Deal Breakers

Finding the Best Job Opportunities

  • Leveraging the Best Job Sources
  • Exercise 1: Stimulate Your Network
  • Exercise 2: Get Active in Social Media Groups
  • Exercise 3: Podcast on Networking for Job Opportunities
  • Exercise 4: Reaching Out
  • Exercise 5: Reactivating Stale Contacts

Getting Your Resume into Shape

  • Polishing Your Resume
  • Adapting Your Resume for a Specific Job
  • Exercise 1: Resume Checklist
  • Exercise 2: Customizing Your Resume
  • Exercise 3: Cover Letter

Managing Your Online Presence

  • Online Presence Overview
  • Exercise 1: Investigate Yourself
  • Exercise 2: Set Social Media Goals
  • Exercise 3: Design Your Portfolio

Preparing for Interviews

  • Interview Preparation Overview
  • Exercise 1: Preparing for Questions
  • Exercise 2: Capturing Your Stories


  • Interviewing Overview
  • Exercise 1: Relaxation Breathing Techniques