Our story

Hey there!

This is Greg and Daniel, co-founders of this thing we're calling career.pm.

We're both former Product Managers, turned consultants and then trainers, and between the both us, have worked with teams ranging from just-getting-off-the-ground startups to the biggest software companies on earth (Microsoft, IBM and SAP). We have more decades of experience than we'd like to admit, and we've seen our fair share of everything.

Being product people ourselves, we want to create impact through our work, and that also applies to training PMs. But after reaching hundreds of people in both traditional classroom settings and online, we knew that something wasn't quite right. There were two fundamental problems.

First, many of our students weren't following through on what they'd learned and were getting swamped again with their day-to-day issues. They couldn't find the time to apply a more strategic approach to their daily work, but also to their career planning. They were stuck. They needed guidance from others who had experienced those same issues and could help them translate theory into practice, becoming a less tactical and a more strategic kind of PM.

Second, is that although there's a core set of skills that every PM should have, there are a ton of differences in how the role is approached. There are many variables like company size, product stage, industry, target customer types, geography, among many others.

We set out to create career.pm to solve these problems. We believe everyone needs:

  • A plan with clear goals on what they want to achieve as PMs and what they need to do to get there
  • A solid foundation of knowledge across multiple areas: Product, Tech, Soft Skills and Domain
  • Guidance from experienced PMs, as well as peers, to overcome challenges and learn more quickly
  • Staying up to date with best practices and knowledge from the product community without losing focus and wasting time—there's too much noise out there!
  • Better resumes and interviewing skills, when it's time to land the next (or first) product role

And that's exactly what the career.pm platform and community provides our members. We're only getting started, and we would love to have you with us, as we execute on our vision to create the best career development platform for Product Managers out there.